Thursday, July 19, 2007

meet me in st loui loui

im the mama of a 1 year old...wierd! he is such a kid now! i peeked out the window this fine evening to see him watering the new ornamental grasses with his dad...he was actually holding the hose..directing it at the was so cute! didnt get a digital pic of it...was lucky to grab the video cam...anyhoo...he is learning and changing and growing right before our eyes!

words he says: bubble, no, ya, all done, door (doh), mom (mama or mom), dad (dada or dad), baby (beeee), grandma (nana), neal (nene), dog (daugh).

words he understands (a quickie, not complete list i am sure): hi, bye, ride, bite, down, up, dog, door, come here, food, listen, dance, fan, sleep/bed, walk, milk, drink, no, mom, dad, grandma, grandma neals, baby, ball, catch, go get it (i think), grant, look, water, home, ouch, yuck, bath, diaper

im sure there is more but i am in a bit of a hurry see because i am packing for a trip to st louis to visit the fam. grant and i are taking the amtrak tomorrow even at 4:30 and should arrive somewhere abouts 10:30. daddy cant come bc he is working both sat and sun but has plans to enjoy the bachelor type ambience with lots of reclining, game playing, movie watching and otherwise relaxing. we shall miss poppy.

the pic is of grant enjoying the fact peeing in pot..although not the best pot to pee in ...actually a pan...but you get the idea. he truly yearns to fit inside the pan even though it pains him so. another trend is to bend over to bite on things including food, balls & basically any toy..its pretty cute. he is just exploring his world in every way he can think of!

this week has included his first large black & blue swollen knot on the head (the size of a quarter) that he got at day care...falling onto her hope chest (i cant imagine his injury if it hadnt had rounded corners), itchy red scrotum due to moms grassy assy pic....lord have mercy!, bum rash due to half sour pickles i believe grrrrr....and more than a handful of mr mistys (breathing treatments) due to "hay fever" a.k.a seasonal allergies.the kid does amazingly well considering the hurdles he must jump. for now we are avoiding goats milk(to see if he improves without it...although i must say as of right now it doesnt seem to be the culprit).

next post....wednesday of next week! unless i find an innocent st louis pc to victimize.
peace out

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