Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our baby turned 1!

whew...we are exhausted! what a weekend.

friday morning the grandmas arrived. 8 dozen cupcakes baked, cooled & iced and then we are in the office blowing up 3 dozen balloons! man my finger hurt. 2 sliced watermelons & 4 gallons of lemonade later...we are at the pool. it got a bit crazy the last half hour..but it all turned out good..even great!

the best part for me was everyone singing happy birthday to grant and then the baby stage...where the 6 babies in attendance gathered together with grant for some pics and overall baby merriment. it rocked. grant had a GREAT TIME!!! he swam for basically the full 2 hours minus time for nursing and gobbling down his first cupcake! he even managed to pull off a new swim move...."jumping" in ....which is basically a butt wiggle till he slides in...very very cute!

we had a handful of family make the trip which was very touching. uncle jim, uncle steve (dave's brothers), aunt leisa & cousin zachary & both grandmas were present. my work family also make it...which was so very nice. grant's friends came...miss vivian, mcclellan, keira, TJ & Quinn. he was surronded with love. thanks to everyone for attending our big day! it means a LOT.

after the party the fam came back to our pad to chill for a bit. grant was overstimulated by all the presents and put on quite a show. it took us forever to go to sleep...i for one didnt get to sleep till after 2am. saturday we hit the new tongie farmers market and a yard sale. hung out in the kiddie pool where cousins played (aka annoyed each other). the serious cathlics made it to mass then we met up on mass street (how appropriate) and ate a birthday dinner at Free State Brewery. It was a lot of fun! after a stroll down mass, which included the craziest impromptu, bday serenade by a street band, we headed back for some baby entertainment at the homestead.

sunday included a photoshoot...poor grant was sleeping when we got there...so some of the pics are sleepy and somber which are very precious! no he wasnt a bit cranky at being woke up 30 minutes into his much needed siesta! he was in his element...being cute..being the center of attention. we got some good ones! yae! cant wait to send them out in the thank you cards!

overall it was a wonderful first birthday weekend for our son grant. it wouldnt have been as special without all the love shown to him by family and friends. thanks everyone! grant is a lucky little boy!


Christina Joy said...

Yay! Great synopsis! I was anxiously awaiting for a post about the weekend!

Swanwood said...


I'm still ferclempt! You're going to have to come mop me up when August 21st rolls around. Happy Thursday!

Paula A.K.A Mama Bear said...

so thats how you spell ferclemp! i never new :)