Monday, February 19, 2007

hope is out there!

i felt it....i felt it and saw it and tasted it...ok maybe not tasted it...but yet it was in the air and on the breeze...SPRING IS AROUND THE CORNER! yes indeed need to go locking yourself in the garage with the car running....we can make it!

this weekend i had a slight cabin fever related meltdown on saturday night. i just want to go outside...but it was frigid with snow i felt locked down. however....sunday arrived with a warmth that renewed my spirit! so grant and i went for a stroll. it was fabulous! his little bundle me (the thing that keeps him warm in the car seat without need for a coat etc) was in the he ended up wearing my snow suit from almost 34 years ago! looked like a little angel...a girl angel too :). i had been wanting to try it on him...for sentiment's this challenge/opportunity was the perfect excuse. he loved his walk and even stayed awake for half of it....giggling at me ...showing me his big ole tooth. we had fun and i came back a new woman.

Baby bear plays catch now! Its such a fun game. he loves letting loose of whatever is in his hand and then recovering it just to repeat. Well papa started showing him how to make it a 2 person game...and the rest is history. Its a blast playing ball with a 7 month old! and i love watching him using different hands to grab it. however...i do save him from lunging for it if its outta his reach...mama dont let him smash his face whenever possible.

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Swanwood said...

Ack, Paula, I just saw that you had started this! Yay, I'm so glad you did. Our babies' first spring seems to be here, hopefully to stay. It was not a great weekend at the Swanwood place either, I'm sorry we couldn't get each other on the phone.

I guess it's probably too soon to take another lunch playdate, eh? Cursed professionalism! ;-)