Friday, February 16, 2007


My son suprised me yet again yesterday by showing me not one but 2 pearly whites! So THATS what this crazy week of fussy/sleepless nights has been about! DUH MOM! I had been focusing on the vaccs from Monday...and the cold that we are sharing. Of course all 3 variables surely had their influence on his cranky behavior...but the tooth had to lead the way for annoyances.

Baby bear is 7 months 9 days old! Its unbelievable how time flies. He is such a precious little guy with a fun personality. You should have seen him flirt with the baby at Red Fortune on valentines night. He just is a social butterfly.

Im excited to finally have the prints from almost all the pics showcased on our photobucket site. Now Im working on getting them organized and in the album. Its hard keeping up with documenting the first year...but im trying. For instance...last night between laundry, straightening up a tornado of a house and nursing, I entered baby bear's new tooth info, weight from mondays dr visit and a few little details about favorites etc, in his baby book. Oh ya...bear bear weighs a hefty 19 pounds, 8 ounces and is 27 inches long. That means he is is still gaining an average of a pound a month..which is fine. His legs are just squeezable!


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