Tuesday, February 20, 2007

things that go bump in the early early am

grant woke at 6am....much to my dismay. his alarm clock is actually his first poo of the day...so whenever that urge comes....awake he is...cooing and playing with his hands..and swatting at mama..maybe even pulling her hair or giving her a lip piercing.

he doesnt crawl...but he does lunge...and lunging should be considered an extreme sport....its dangerous...it requires limited inhibition...and it can cause ouchies. baby bear lunged for i think his dr seuss book and hit his head BOOM on a little baby step stool in his room. oh the tears...oh the rage...oh the indignity! luckily he is a tough little guy...and only cries for less than a minute. but his pride was still hurt...and he was a little fussy the rest of the morning. it may bruise...it sure left a bright red mark! the beginning of many many such ouchies...mobility and ouchies seem to correlate quite directly.

papa bear took baby for a stroll last night while mama taught piano. it was so lovely! baby has been getting out and about now that the weather isnt icelandic.

looks like we may be getting visitors this weekend! grandma baba and grandma lo are planning on making the trip! we are so excited to see them.

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