Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Earth Day weekend!

yae...its earth day time again...that just reminds me of spring and festivals and FUN..and of course renewing our vows to green up and be better stewards of the earth. just found out theres a nice parade and party in lawrence tomorrow...working now on gathering friends to join me...especially since dave has to work (yuck)

grant is ever so adorable. im in the process of posting brand new pics...but it takes FOREVER to download pics and then upload them to photobucket so that i can post them here....takes a week or so with my harried baby loving schedule. so please be patient with me.the posted pic is maybe just 3 weeks old. by the way...grant is 9 months 2 weeks old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and he said FOOD this was just a freak accident..but he did it! he loves the "f" i said....fffffffffffood...and he said it right back. too cute! but his mainstays are mom, mama, da da, daddy & dawg. ive noticed though that he says da da constantly in play ...but usually only shouts MOM when he is agitated with is that fair?:)

tonight sarah, ben and princess of the universe miss vivian are coming to our humble abode to eat, drink and be merry. im looking forward to some "parents of babies" socialization time. i really feel drawn to mamas...and papas........and just chillin with others who understand the demands and rewards of living with babes.

happy earth day to you! please take this opportunity to think about the natural world...whose health is directly related to our own....and then do something nice for it.

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