Thursday, April 5, 2007


My 34th birthday was wednesday, april 4th......and it was a good one. Not merely because I get a number 4 this year.....but bc my people gathered around me and gave me love. I am so blessed. The day started off with a beautiful poem from Dave. We always exchange the same card...going back and forth between us over the years...and its nice to flip back and read the entries from the past. I considered posting the poem here...and still may...but he is so intensely private that I fear it may hurt I am going to get clearance first. Then off to work we went...........and i must say that i was bummed out. Just not in my usually super hyper birthday glee. It could be bc my mother put me to sleep the night before on the sick story about a couple in st louis that just made headlines bc the man had been molesting her day care children for 30 years( grandma neal has been in day care here in town for 30 years)....ages 6 months on up!!!!!!!! It sickened and stressed me OF COURSE (prolly serves her right that she was up all night revisiting her labor and delivery of me!...isnt that wild that 34 years later it still has that much of an impact?) Or it could be that winter is revisiting us with a vengeance and is taking all my pretty flowers and it just plains sucks. Or maybe its bc grant has been tossing and turning again for 3 nights and the exhaustion is setting in. But its prolly hormones in combo with all the above said self pity. Anyhoo....i made an appt for a massage as 11am.....and it was GREAT. Very nice bday present to myself. So after that i was very relaxed...but almost asleep. Sharon the Librarian popped in with a lovely present...what else a book!! That was very sweet and made me smile..things were looking up. My boss took me out for lunch ...and then all of a sudden its time to pick up grant. Well he cheered me up! And then after work I came home to a twinkie scavenger hunt. Dave and grant had hid them all over the house for the gift that keeps on giving. I loved it...and there is still a few to find! I also had bday cards that had come in the mail...and they were SUPER DOOPER mushy....from my mom..and a separate card from my dad (he is getting very emotional in his old age) and from my MIL and godmother. Im saying...they were very very veyr very sweet and touching and i cried. Next we went out for sushi with my boss and his wife (who is a friend of mine). This dinner has been 2 years in the making. We have wanted to try sushi with experienced sushi connoisseurs. SO they ordered a dozen trays or so..and we munched hard......and we LOVE SUSHI! was divine. so now i have another expensive bad habit ...GREAT :) Sarah and Ben wanna go?

Possibly the highlight of the day was when grant decided he knew how to clap. Yes he has been pattycaking for months....but not making the clap sound with open palms. Well now he is a clapper and is so proud of himself. Its adorable! Oh and he is mobile......although without crawling or walking. It takes him about 40 minutes to go 10 wiggling, rolling, leaning etc. Any minute my baby will be gone and a toddler will have replaced not ready.

Happy April!

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