Wednesday, April 25, 2007

hello...anyone out there?

so i really just wonder if anyone but sarah and amy read this thing. sooooooooo if you woudl please indulge me....leave a comment...even just your i know you are reading this. i may need to send out another recruitment blast to lure innocent folks to this site. i just think its nice...especially since we live out here in the have grant updates so he isnt just a figment of your imagination...and more like a real growing baby.

dave and i are making progress!!!! he wrote down the first phase of his requests! and you know it is already helping. i told him how excited i was to be truly communicating without all the drama of emotion and tone...and we are planning to continue a written dialogue! yae.

have you heard of flat daddies? dads who over seas in iraq....can have their life size images sent to their kids...and family...and that way the babes still recognize daddy on his return. at first i thought it was strange...strange but cool...and now im totally into it. infact...made me think of my own brand of flat grandmas! why not? have their life size faces in the house so he will quickly recognize them during a brief visit. he already knows my moms voice from the speaker phone..which has helped. this could really work.

grant and i are going to the chiropractor today...ive been putting it off for over a month now..the trip is just a lot of least im not doing it BEFORE work..instead im taking off work to go..much better! so hopefully he can work out our i need some help. and grants allergies are on overdrive right would be nice for him to get some relief too. fingers crossed.

btw....grant is officially into everything! he is just all over the place...grabbing, reaching, crawling, scooching, rolling, pulling up, standing, now the challenge has increased and how has it! he also fights for his right to screaming and crying for a bit. limits are being set...and i realize that i need to stay consistent, calm and loving through it all..which has been going well so far. such as...grant...sit in the standing...sorry....grant....may i have that? thank you...........grant....i cant continue to walk you around the house bc my back is going to give out...sorry. etc etc. he is something else! wow.

ok back to work. but please let me know if youve been here. THANKS!!!


Swanwood said...

How was Grant's congestion 'n' stuff last night? Better, as Dr. Chris predicted? I'm interested to get Vivian over there on Monday. That's a very Dave-looking picture of Grant for this entry!

Enjoying your hummus?

Anonymous said...

I've been here Paula! I check this out all the time!


amy said...

paula- I lost your phone number, call me when you can. Amy

Anonymous said...

So sorry I missed your call this weekend!! It is great to read your notes, but not enough.. I want some girl time! I'll give you a call this week.


Christina Joy said...

Hey Paula~ I'll leave you comments if you leave some on mine! ;) Grant is a handsome little man!!

steve burkkemper said...

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