Friday, April 6, 2007

hott bunny

so being the easter bunny isnt all that fun.......only bc its hotter than Hades in there! i was almost passing out and it had only been 15 minutes! i plan on giving our real easter bunny ( the one at the hunt) a major pay raise! of course the preschool party this morning was a big success though and we had a record turn out of 38 peeps total....20 kids!

i love days that break the mold. this morning i was outta the house by 8:30 and off to lawrence...where i ran around searching for premium coffee without the premium price..and managed to find it at wheatfields...1.75 for a large and it was very delicious. i also picked up some fresh made bread at great harvest (does not sell coffee...they give it away which of course i sneered at :) ) i just needed a anyhoo after finding my way through the matrix i arrived at sarah and vivan's abode where i had a lovely breakfast danish and we chatted a good bit while princess vivian and i developed our relationship (she let me play with her!). it was a great quickie special outta the ordinary kinda morning.

so now i sit at my desk and need to get started on all the easter egg hunt logistics that i have been putting off. its really not that much but we do need to get all the stuff to the park and just make sure all my ducks are in a row. or bunnies whatever.

so pray for sun and minimal wind...kansas doesn't play that im afraid. happy weekend to ya!

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Swanwood said...

Nice cottontail, mama! You get a special level of luxury in the afterlife for performing such deeds!