Sunday, August 19, 2007


Its Sunday...and my boys are sleeping peacefully in the other room. A midday nap for one and a sleep in for the other...its a good thing. I just got back from picking up the toppings from sonic for the big ice cream social planned for 7-8pm tonight. However the sky looks grey and although the temp is afraid we may have another wash out on our hands. oh well...thats the gamble with outdoor cant control mother nature. i just hope that if its going to starts before 6:30...instead of waiting till 7 on the dot as she did in 2006. thunder and lightening and even flash floods blessed us last year.

grant tried kiwi fruit for the first time today...and gave it a good try...but started throwing it overboard before slice 2. he did however eat half an avocado...and a bowl of rice krispies.

tomorrow begins a new era for grant....we changed day care....and now he will be with my friend in the neighborhood...desiree. she has a day care in her home and is in the process of being liscensed. i guess i feel about as good as i can...although i do not feel good in general. i know she will take good care of him...but i guess bc i am a first time mom...i can find fault. the great news is that we have a plan..and the transition...albeit sudden and quick...has some familiarity. she is someone he knows...has been in the house several times...and is actually friends with her son who is 2.5 months younger (but can keep up with grant!). my heart breaks for neal..and for grant who is so very attached to her. i wanted nothing more than to give him a stable environment..and to not skip around...but the blessing in disguise here is that we were able to make a decision before anything happened to grant. i will just say that..we decided to take him out of neals bc of her husband. it just wasnt the environment we expected.

so please send out good energy to little grant tomorrow...while he adjusts to his new life. we did hang out there friday for a couple hours...getting the feel for it...and he didnt hardly cry but for 20 seconds when i left (to see his reaction). its times like these i want nothing more than to be a sahm.

dave and i have decided to have a yard sale this fall. time to DECLUTTER! its getting rediculous. and i just dont know whether to hold on to baby stuff or let it go. the old saying soon as you get rid of it you get maybe i should hold on to it :)

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