Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Grant found his nose! He points to it (mighty adorable I must add) when asked where it is. He also will find yours for you (if he is in the mood). Next up: mouth, eyes and ears of course. and I thought dog tricks were cute.

also on the agenda: animals sounds. Presently we are barking like a dog.

Grant had another one of his little adventures the other day. we had the fridge out a bit bc a pie had slipped from my mother's hands and made a huge mess (another story entirely but the old rug sadi had a lot to do with that misfortune) so we had plans to clean behind there. well grant started cleaning without us...had his little broom (a favorite toy) diggin behind it. he was v content playing over there...hmmm.

so i sit him up on my lap to enjoy a bite to eat and as i peer into his little mouth i think i see a glimmer of silver. i feel all around in there - didnt find anything. offer him a bite and BAM he spits out a shiney silver TACK! yes a tack. he had been chewing and playing with a sharp, large tack. THANK GOD he didnt swallow it! my heart jumped outta my chest as i grabbed it quickly in disbelief. ugh. he apparently found the lone tack that fell before he was even conceived. thanks grant. chaulk another one up for mamas high blood pressure.

did i mention my kid is a great and creative dancer? man i gotta capture a good episode. its soo hilarious!

oh and he plays the harmonica...usually the blues...little belley going in and out. too cute.

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