Thursday, August 30, 2007


hand is healing at amazing speed...not in any pain...keeping it wrapped is annoying..but cleanliness keeps a good hand from going bad so we continue the ritual of wash, goo, wrap twice a day till the blisters burst, drain and heal.

its been quite a hectic and exhausting week ...starting off with a 3AM ER visit followed by a half day in KC at the specialist then on hump day i worked till 8:30 (with a break for toddler yoga! how fun indeed). today i am just worn thin. it may have been a mistake to encourage my folks to come up for a couple days...considering that on top of my exhaustion and a FILTHY DISASTER of a house, i am PMSing at full throttle. poor them.

grant is still not napping as regularly or for his usual 2+ hours at the new day care (desiree's) but he is having a good/quality time: he plays outdoors a lot everyday (which he barely got to do at neals), watches about 1/10th as much television and eats healthy, home cooked meals. oh and there are 2 women providing care the ratio of kid to adult is like 3:1 right now (will never exceed 6:1) so thats a huge improvement. overall it IS a better place...oh and the commute is spoiling us! its only 1/4 of a mile away from our house...4 minutes from my work. so i have been spending my lunch hour playing with him...and then not picking him up to come back to work with me. basically...the in and out of car seats(4 times in 1 hour)in the heat at the end of my day when im tired and stressed started loosing its appeal. and now that i am spending even higher quality time with him at lunch...we get our fix. i figure he and I are less stressed by the arrangement. i can still bring him in whenever i feel like it....but for now this is working wonderfully.

big news flash (ok...just for me but still). IM NOT PUMPING ANYMORE. its true. sorta happened by combo with the fact that grant was going down for nap with water or a water/juice mix. im nursing him during our lunch he is still getting the bonus nutrition...but this way i dont have to PUMP!!!! SWEET FREEDOM!!!! the day has finally come to hang up the horns (or HUTH as they say on pump moms) hehe.

i want to write about the drs visit...but feel this post is too long already. will summons more finger strength and plan to post tomorrow.

MUCH LOVE! have a great day. pic is of grant looking up at me at a few days old

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