Monday, September 3, 2007


so in a nutshell...the pediatric asthma/allergist specialist and her posse said that
* grant may very well NOT have asthma
* grant may very well NOT have allergies
* grant may very well "just" have a weakened immune system
* they didnt recommend a blood allergy test based on the fact that he recently had the scratch test and that allergy testing is full of errors including false positives.

they still gave us an asthma action planned with green, yellow and red levels. each level has a myriad of medications to administer. they also gave us 8 prescriptions! we didnt fill them yet...sittin on them.

it was great to hear all the things that i really wanted to hear. they were the first to NOT label him with asthma which is WONDERFUL.

now im on the hunt for immunity boosting foods (too bad they didnt hand that out with their prescription template with 20 drugs on it that they give to everyone who walks through the door!) any suggestions would be appreciated!

Dave and i decided to try a control study...where we dont rush to meds when he comes down with a cough (even though that is on every level of the asthma plan). Lucky us...the chance came just days after the dr visit. See...after 10 months of breathing treatments using xopenex and then pulmicort if needed...we are not really sure they are helping. They certainly dont give the quick relief the drs expect with such medication. So in order to get a "normal" turn around time for old granto....we went cold turkey. Even though it was a bit scary at first...IM SO EXCITED to report that he is doing GREAT. Of course this was probably just a very slight cold...but as usual for grant it landed heavy in the lungs...but within 5 nights he had stopped coughing (at night)...and today he has barely coughed so i can see that he is healing on his own and in the same or maybe even shorter amount of time than it woudl have taken with LOTS and LOTS of drugs! Hallelujah! So this is very exciting for us. Might i also add that the 11.5 month old that had it first at day care...did get treated with xopenex and pulmicort (they prescribe these for upper respiratory stuff all the time anymore! its crazy)...and is at the same place grant is...getting better, barely coughing. He had it a couple days before grant basically...grant is maybe even ahead of him healing wise. WHOA. Hows that for suppressed immuity?

So yes we will still fall back on drugs...but im thrilled to say its not a way of life anymore.


Swanwood said...

What beautiful news, Paula! I'm very happy to read what these new doctors had to say.

Thought I would leave this link for you to consider, if you'd like:

Did you have a good long Labor Day weekend? We're off to stay with my brother for a couple of hours, and then to the beloved dog park!

Swanwood said...

I wanted to let you know that I just saw that the Merc is holding a class on how to boost your immune system!

I don't know how applicable the things taught would be to Granto, but I wanted to make sure you were in the know!

Hope to see you both at the big nursing extravaganza.