Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Over the river and through the woods

to jefferson city we go! Today i leave work at 2:30, go to day care, freshen up grant and give him a snack (and mama milk of course)and off we trek to pick up daddy from work and then on to kansas city union station. this train traveling is becoming second nature for ol grant and i. this trip is a sin ch being that it is only 3 hours compared to the regular 6 + of our st louis journey.

So at 2:30 im officially on vacation. Wont be back till next tuesday! Visiting with my mom and aunt who are meeting us there for one day. Visiting with grants godparents and aunts, uncles and cousins for the entirety. Visiting with my old friend amy and her 3 year old christian on friday. and then swooosh...daddy is picking us up and we are off to the lake house! we havent been down there since before grant was born!

even though it all does sound fun...i know there is stress on the horizon. non baby proofed places are very tiresome for ol mama. however, i plan to do some babyproofing as i go...but oh...remember the time at my moms...haunts me.

grant is still coughing some..and at times they sound scary...but overall you know i really think he is doing just about as good as the now 12 month old who got it first. T.J. is green snottin and coughing and even wheezing! He has never been labeled asthma. His dr encouraged his mama to use the breathing treatments on him..and she is intermittently. We however...are nebulizer free! Its on hand in case he starts retracting...but for now...he is keeping up with the rest of them! mama is sooo very proud and excited and hopeful! Turns out...colds run into colds i think. they overlap. Be glad if your child is not exposed to other children on a regular basis!

i have a giant secret that i would love to share...but i cannot. holding on to it and not telling ...even when im dying to... has made me realize that by telling someone a secret..that you intend to keep a secret...you are actually doing an injustice to that person. now they have the baggage and must carry it along without telling anyone (as you just indulged in!) its not fair really. true secrets are not told. and its good that way. although i just indulged by telling you i had a secret which is completely selfish and silly. a couple of hints: im not pregnant hehe and its about me not grant. hopefully i can tell you the whole story when i return from jefferson city.

for now i continue to study for the cprp exam . AHHHHH

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Swanwood said...

Enjoy your time in Missouri! Hopefully with so many extra hands and eyes around, the non-babyproofing pains will be a little bit eased. I'm not looking forward to traveling with Viv, I can tell you that; I seize up just thinking about it.

I will be eagerly looking forward to any upcoming exciting revelations! Please be sure to thank your mom for Vivian's outfit while you're there, we love it so much.