Thursday, September 27, 2007

hormone attack

lets just get this out in the open...i am NOT an overachiever! seriously...i am not a YES person...i can say no just fine...and exercise that right often. however...i still tend to make a lot of work for myself and go the extra mile in general. is that an oxymoron? im a moron no doubt.

so my latest attempts at furthering my career involve staring at my desk (see pic) for 8 hours a day studying for a certification exam that i am taking october 2. i actually volunteered to do this 10 months ago...and since i only have 12 months to take the test....time is running out. its impossible for me to study at home when grant is awake...and god bless those of you who managed to go to college with children at home OMG...that is just CRAZY. by the time he is asleep i am a zombie...but i still have been forcing myself to at least review for an hour before going to bed. luckily i can study at work (although obviously i have to work at the same time) and i did time it so that im studying during a slow period. however...that slow period is about to end because i have a whole new season of programming and a spanking new publication to have out by mid october...hence the oct 2 testing date. i need to get this out of way before i have 2 months of busy busy business. ahhhhhhhh..i love to get myself into these situations.

and the cherry on top is that i am having a monster of PMS visitng me. today i am just crying my eyes out..and a nervous nelley. plus im cramping hard core. time to put my thinking cap on though and stop obsessing about how much i cant stand my husband hehe. funny how he isnt so bad most of the month.

send me good vibrations...there is alot of pressure to pass the employer paid for it for one thing...and i dont want to look stupid for another :)

oh and to answer the question...what test are you taking? its the certified parks and recreation professional exam. yes it exists. i guess every profession has such a thing. i get to put CPRP next to my name heheh.

peace out

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Stacy V. said...

That's a big achievement! I know what it means!! Good luck you'll do great. I don't even qualify to take the exam. My degree is pretty useless.