Wednesday, September 26, 2007

pushin and shoving

why does my sweet little angel have to be the one at toddler yoga who wanders around pushing other little angels on their bottoms? GRRR? if bells are not heard around the globe.....are shotguns?

why instead of tree poses and breathing exercises does my precious bundle of energy insist on frisking and taking down the other precious cargo? ca boom.....

lord...i ended up leaving early just to catch my breath! between taking pictures for work (the class is organized through my employer) and reffing take was exhausting!

is it normal for 14 month olds to act like this? or is my son destined to be a bully? the other moms said it was normal...and some of theirs even bit! thank goodness that's not on my list of problems right now! its pretty devastating to see the child whose sweet side you see on a regular basis be another parents worst nightmare! i realize some of it is grant enjoying cause and effect...i push you fall and cry....but is that all there is? i sure hope so. i must admit...i am almost completely winging it on parenting and discipline. my DH swears thats the best way...but im not so sure. I feel like I am in an unfamiliar wilderness without a compass sometimes! i need a compass and fast! but like the saying goes...parenting doesnt come with a manual (although there sure is a vast array of parenting books out there so im not sure that cliche still applies)

of course i dont swat or spank yet...surely he wont grasp the meaning (bc i cannot explain it to him for one reason) and he will just end up hitting other children by imitation etc (which he is totally into right now. and just the fact that sometimes when i am frustrated and exasperated...i do want to swat at reason enough for me NOT too! it would be completely self serving...and wrong in my opinion...and the expected and hoped for outcome (that he ceases performing that action) would undoubtedly still not be met! OOOOHHHH...the frustration.

so is this just a phase that will end before i spontaneously combust? please do tell your parenting wisdom.

as a final son is adorable! im not kidding. upon arriving home tonight he played alone with daddy's socks for at least a half hour and then another half with the kazoo! im telling you....he is really spectacular unless he is around other midgets. i told my DH tonight that maybe our family is complete with just one child :) to which he replied: bravo.

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Just wait till the terrible twos!!!