Friday, September 28, 2007

I promise to start eating healthy

My goal for the immediate future is to start making changes that improve my overall health. Number one on the agenda....make it a priority to eat home cooked, healthy meals on a more regular basis. To implement this strategy...and why I am not doing it because that requires preparation, motivation and time. To change the course of my thickening arteries and buldging mid section...i have to make the time to research and plan meals...then do as much prep work ahead of time (preferrably on the weekends).

Im actually excited about the change! My son deserves home cooked delicious and healthy meals and healthy parents who are good role models. I was even a vegan for a short while back in the day..and hardly ate meat my entire 20s....however the 30s i let it all hang out and just went down down down where now I am eating twinkies and frozen breastfast sandwiches. UGH.

To start over...i must make my way inch by inch instead of being overwhelmed and giving up before i even start. SO - with the help of a great website The Worlds Healthiest Foods, I am going to start my grocery list for this weekend. Im sure that some of you can relate (whether you are out of the closet or not is another thing)and hopefully by publishing my journey you can be inspired to come along with me. Another blog will soon be established to specifically chronical my jump into mature eating. For now...I will down this last tater tot with plans for fresh apples and raisens next week :)

**edited to add
My new blog...changing my ways...was born today!


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Posh Mama said...

I look forward in watching your success! I love your blog, keep up the awesome work!

Much love, xoxo-pm