Sunday, September 9, 2007

buy your scenery

Just got back in from a long walk with grant in the back pack. It had been quite some time since we did such a thing stroller free. The dog daze of summer had us staying indoors more than we like, and when we did get out, the added heat of wearing him was less than appealing. So anyhoo...the weather is GORGEOUS out today....feels like autumn...we even were a bit chilly to start out with which was a flip and we picked up yellow leaves along the way...hows that for autumny?

We walked behind the house through other yards to the habitat behind the electric line. Its great to be able to walk a few steps and be in green open space, even if there are a few drawbacks. Today I realized a couple things about my home dreams.

Our new neighbor to the West has turned our park like scenery into a junk yard (pic). Its a travesty. We actually fell in love with the house for the scenery. We now have plans for bamboo privacy rows and such and even to have a persuasive talk with him (although i have no idea how to bribe him to hide the now 5 ,metal things (cars, trailor, rv & a bobcat). So point learned: buy your scenery - or else have it be a protected land like a real park, national forest etc.

in conjunction with that....i realized i absolutely want to live connected to a trail system. i yearn to walk out my door and be greeted with an outdoor recreation oasis. its really exciting to think of it! so that has been put on my dream house list.

thats one thing that tongie sorely lacks...hiking trails.

nice to find things that bring you you can go for it.

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