Tuesday, September 18, 2007

nothing to see here people

The "secret" was that I applied for a job in Jeff City. Long story short...I wasnt out looking but it landed in my lap. Here is the rejection email i just opened...

Since I have known you for several years and I know you must be anxious
about the job, I thought I would contact you immediately to let you
that we have offered the job to someone else and they have accepted. I
not feel good about your finding out through a standardized rejection
I don't know if this is good news or bad news, but it got down to just
and the other candidate. You finished second out of the 71 who applied
the job.
It was not a matter of her references checking out well and yours not
checking out, it was a matter of both of your references checking out
outstanding and her winning out more on experience than anything else.
so you know, Gayle was extremely complimentary about you and your
and made it abundantly clear that he would hate to lose you.
I know how disappointed you must be, but you should be proud that in
such a
short period of time in the field that you have made such a positive
impression on so many people. We had four individuals with MBAs,
with MPAs, and one person with both a degree in parks and recreation
and a
law degree who applied for the position. You finished ahead of all of
I would not give up on this job for the future. I am planning on
retiring in
3-5 years. I would expect the person I just hired to move into my
which would put the assistant's position open again very soon. (I'll
turn 62
on June 7, 2010. That would be the earliest date that I would consider
Sorry to be the bearer of this news. I would have enjoyed working with
I was really in a confident mood this morning when I talked to the
candidate, because I knew that if she turned the job down that I was
with the #2 candidate.

The good news is...he made me feel good about myself. The bad news is...even though i started out just applying for the learning experience...i ended up really wanting it.So i am disappointed...yet content knowing that I still have an awesome job a wonderful boss, a happy little town to call home and WE DONT HAVE TO MOVE!!! Seeing grant with his cousins this weekend..was a real heart melter...and it would be wonderful for him to grow up around family. Who knows what the future holds..but for now i am at home in tongie.

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