Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Trying something new to make $$

So.....Ive been playing around with ways to get more people to view my blog and meet other bloggers. Even though I originally started blogging as a way for Grant fans to keep up with his escapades, I am now actively recruiting readers (since the original fan base is less than loyal..and I want to meet new peeps and even....even
make money!)

After reading my Mamablogger friend, Elizabeth's blog, Whole Family, I was inspired to try something new. From her sounds easy, fun and profitable! I am very excited to be the newest postie at Pay Per Post. The deal sign up, get approved (must have posted 20 times in the last 90 days) and then start accepting opportunities to earn hard cold cash. I personally have yet to receive money due to the fact that I only signed up today. However, Elizabeth has indeed earned money (which is put in your pay pal account). I am truly excited about this...and you should be too. It could not be simpler. Just blog about what you love.

I have only been a member for one hour and already I am learning that there is a whole new culture at Pay Per Post...commercialism meshing with the everyday blogger...a way for us to blog away and still manage to make an income. For example I am making $20 for just sharing this with you! Then if you click on the link and sign up I will make another $15 for each referral. I can also earn money by reviewing other blogs and accepting advertising opportunities.

Check it out and see if it is for you. Im certainly glad I did! My plans are to save the extra $$ for a family vacation. Dream away.

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