Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles

Happy Hump Day folks. Whats happening? I cant believe its basically mid June already! Where does time go anyhoo?

Some updates:

**I WON something!!! Even more surprising...I won something online! It really can happen. Eco Mama blessed me with this ROCKN California Baby (a fav of mine) tote stuffed with tiny products. THANKS Mama! Your too good. Please do go visit her. She always has great info on ways to create deeper shades of green within your own busy life. Grant is hooked up for a while now. Still need their sunscreen though.

Here he is enjoying the bubble bath

**I am online again for real this time (fingers crossed). Turns out the guy who installed it the first time (2 weeks ago) failed to do his job. He was lazy I suppose and did not replace the archaic reuters that they are always supposed to replace when they come across them. At least its taken care of now. Ahhhhhhhh. Breath in breath out.

Grant met his second turtle at the we are always looking for turtles and frogs (which he met at the last lake visit)

** I did not get the fancy job that I didnt really want but did apply for and did get in the top 5 of 81 and very possibly the top 2 (they checked references). By the time the rejection letter came, I was disappointed. No one likes to be rejected even if it is "not for personal reasons".

** Grant (now 23 months old) has a fever. Came on last night and we spent over 2 hours wiggling in discomfort and eating ice cream for healing. Today he is lethargic and needy..but honestly its easier on ol mom than his normal high energy stunts. Poor baby

**I did apply for a library the children's programming assistant. Its part time...10am - 2pm and would be fun even if its certainly a move down financially and career wise. would be hella fun and would keep my resume active.

**I like not having a job (hell ya)...but staying with Grant 100% of the time is harder than working and I knew that was going to be the case.

**We have nice neighbors and Grant has friends. Living in the hood ain't so bad :)


baby~amore' said...

cute pictures and congrates on the prizes.

Yay at internet connection -I would go crazy without mine !!

Toni said...

I have yet to win anything but I am going to keep trying! Congrats.

Your little man is sooo cute!

Eco Mama said...

I am so glad your little one is enjoying the bubbles!!! I purchased this same gift tote when my son was born eight months ago and still have some things left. A rubber ducky, however, did not come with mine I'm sad to say...It's really a nice gift. Congrads. Also, I recently purchased the sunscreen at As well as the bug repellant...which is also a lotion. Be well Paula! Eco Mama

Tracy said...

What an adorable little boy! Congratulations on your prize.

Lindsey said...

I love the turtle-chasing picture.