Saturday, June 7, 2008

Computer Hell

I am presently in computer hell. Please send good energy and lots of hope :).

STILL NOOOOOO internet at the homestead. I had no idea how completely codependent I am to it...but now I do. You gotta admit...when you move....having your new world at your fingertips is HIGHLY advantageous! I keep thinking...oh I should look that up over and over and over again. Hopefully Tuesday they will figures out WTF is going on with their whacked out service. Thinking they need to rewire the apartment...the cables are probably really old etc.

We did have a GREAT day today....enjoyed the fabulous art in the park in Columbia mo. What a great time. The park even had a splash area for the kids...and even though Grant was creamed by an 8 year old (and got major road rash on his entire left side including ANOTHER big ol bump on the left side of his noggin :( ) he did have an amazing time overall. We danced to lots of live bands, ate our favorite Thai and festival fair, soaked in some delicious art and met a nice turtle who was hungry for organic apple. We had a great time!!!!!

When I come back I want to tell you about the time we went boating on the Missouri river and were marooned by darkness and had to hitch a ride with a barge and was picked up by the coast guard. CRAZY. Crossing that massive river today reminded me of that weirdo day.

Hope you are having a rockn weekend. HUGS all around.


baby~amore' said...

I hope computer hell ends soon.
Poor little Grant - he sounds like a tough little cookie though.
The art in the park sounds fabulous !

Lindsey said...

First of all, TURTLES!!!

Second of all, do tell about the river/barge story. Call me. Or e-mail me. Crazy internet lady.