Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strider Bike Review

After debating whether to get Grant the super cool Likeabike or the Chinese made Skuut....we ended up getting a Strider. It is actually Grant's birthday present (July 7th)...but why have it stored away when he can be enjoying it...so he has already been riding walking it around...and loving it.

Affordable...$90 instead of the whopping $285+ for the Likeabike Mini
Super small...so even low on the chart one year olds (like Grant) can sit on it comfortably and safely.
The Strider is built for children 1 - 5 years of age - the seat raises with height.
Available at your local homegrown bike shop (at least it was for us) - so no shipping and handling charges
No assembly required...the store did that for us. Whew.
Appears to be very sturdy and should last 5 years.
Grant immediately took to it and has certainly improved his balance and coordination already
Should allow Grant to ride and enjoy a bike at a younger age without the need for training wheels.
It looks cool...and kind of bad ass...which is almost sad for a toddler...yet I find it somewhat appealing...forgive me.
IT IS FUN and he definitely LOVES it. Makes a great birthday present!
Made in China
The bottom of the seat post is kind of sharp and we had to modify it so Grant's heel doesn't keep getting scraped!
Could get scary (for Mom) once he becomes comfortable ...and fast. However we intend to use a helmet as soon as he starts truly riding it and hope to instill safe riding practices early on.
It has full range steering whereas the Likeabike and Skuut have limited steering which is certainly a safety feature. However, Grant likes making tight turns and has thus far enjoyed the steering ability.When speed comes in to play, it could be more of a concern. This was one feature of the Strider that I am do not like...at least for the very young.
Overall we like the bike (so does that make it a like a bike...or I suppose it is a likethebike). Everyone who sees it comments on how cute and small it is and most of them have never seen anything like it. However, we are in the Midwest so balance bikes are just now becoming all the rage. Grant certainly gives it two thumbs up. When he really starts scooting on it I will take a video for your viewing and reviewing pleasure. Right now he just walks it around, mostly standing up. However he has just started sitting on occasion and does get some true scooting in. If money is no option and or you plan on having a baseball league sized family....go for the Likeabike if at all possible. However, if you are like us and think $100 is more than enough for a bike...Strider certainly gives Skuut a run for it's money and should be considered while shopping around.
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Alison said...

My girls have balance bikes and they love them. They are pretty good at scooting around and it does make me nervous sometimes, but they have so much fun it is so worth it :)
The Strider looks great, and yes - very kick ass! Grant is so gorgeous though I think he's the one that really gives the bike it's "edge" :)

baby~amore' said...

Our Aldis' store had a wooden balance bike I liked the look of too.I honestly can't remember what the wheels were it was a few months back.
Great review Paula.
Grant is adorable ... can't believe our little guys are all turning 2.

Anonymous said...

The likeabike is way overpriced for what it offers. The NY Times just put out a great review of the top balance/run bikes out there. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the market for one:


Kenny said...

The strider bikes are well made and I like them very much. When I was first introduced to balance bikes I brought a prince lionheart. It was a real debate for me. I did not know anything about he strider bikes. I have since brought a strider and I am now introducing it to my son.