Monday, June 30, 2008

Checking In to Say Hello

We attended a "Babes in the Woods" program at the local nature center. Grant was so interested and outgoing. He will probably fall in love with all his teachers just as I did...well until 5th grade when I officially started hating them with all the voraciousness of hell spawn (but they deserved it...those wicked #%ckers).

Then we spent the weekend at the lake with relatives. I had many moments of reflection where I had the "AHHHHHH...this is why we moved!!!!" revelation. Grant was holding hands with uncles and playing hard with his cousins. Grant is now being raised with his family surrounding him...and memories and lifelong relationships are being created!!! YAEEE

I call this series of pics....ode to strawberries. Silly and cute! He loves to put them on his finger tips.

Another road trip awaits. I gotta say...not clocking in at a regular job....has its perks!


All Adither said...

He must adore the raspberries too!

Lindsey Loo said...

Welcome back to Missouri, friend. I miss you.

Next time we're in Columbis, we're on for some good family fun time!