Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cosmetics Breakdown

Im going to stop putting poisons on my child's skin. Its one of those things where I was lax - and now im realizing the im going to work at fixing it. Especially since he has exzema. Why did i stop using olive oil & move to lotion? when did that happen? im pretty sure i was lured in by those baby frangrances...only to be tricked into possibly doing more harm than good. why am i using a soap with a 10 yes 10 rating on the following site? (please check it out! it has adult cosmetics too) . Because it was easy and available and .........DER.

So the good news is mama is waking up....from her green slumber...and that i really rethinking what i am putting on him...and in him. Please do the same for yourself and your family.
P.S. the pic was from when little grant was 4 months old :)

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