Friday, May 4, 2007

Nursing in public

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I agree with it! Breastfeeding is OK - and people who have a problem with it in public..need to get over themselves.

"Tobin had an inalienable human right here that is being denied. The right of a human child to human milk, to nurture and nourish when its psychobiology requires it.The offended onlooker does not have any rights to be protected. The offended onlooker has a personal issue, a feeling of discomfort and unease, that requires handling. A cultural dissonance, that needs acknowledged,responded to, engaged with and hopefully smoothed away. The nursing dyad has no such personal issue in this paradigm. The nursing dyad is not operating out of a cultural context. The nursing dyad has supreme importance and protection in this scenario.There is a simple truth here, that is so awesome and complete in its simplicity, that it's in danger of being overlooked: breastfeeding an infant is not a lifestyle choice. It is not a cultural convention. It is not a personal statement. It is a biological imperative. It is our essential nature. It is an essential element of our species, and the continuation of it. It is a biological norm.We do not choose to breastfeed. We can choose not to. Likewise, we do not choose to breastfeed in public. We can choose not to. Breastfeeding is not a cultural construct. Not breastfeeding, is. Nursing an infant when the infant needs it, is a biological norm. Deciding that this needs to be done in a certain place, at a certain time, or in a certain way, is a cultural value."

i do have an issue... where professionalism and public breastfeeding some in to play. I feel I should be discrete when at work and i even feel that i should be discreet when out in public in tongie...bc i am essentially paula the rec commission asst director 24/7 - an "in the public eye" kinda position. and in tongie i am more likely to see people i know. am i a hypocrite? am i weak and cowardly for not breastfeeding as casually/openly as I do in lawrence? i always try to keep from flashing nipple all over the place..but it is SOOOOO much easier..and sooooo much more enjoyable for grant and myself when im not fighting with a slippery blanket or running for cover. so its an interesting situation i pretty comfortable with how i am presently dealing with it......but i must admit im not a hardcore lactivist when it comes to the professional crossroads. anyone have an opinion?



Stacy V. said...

I don't think I'm allowed to have too much opinion yet!! But I do plan on breastfeeding. I want to be able to do it in public, but I'll end up being a duck-and-cover girl. I'm a prude of sorts I guess. I don't want everyone to see MY stuff. ha ha

Funny story. I've bought several new summery Maternity shirts. We were getting ready to go out for dinner and I put one on. It was a bit.. hmm, low-cut. I had so much cleavage showing! Scott made me change, saying, "We're adults and having a baby. Don't be showing all of your goodies!!" ha ha So, I guess it's not for Christian dinners! BTW, that's the first time he's ever said ANYTHING like that. He's usually happy to see my girls!

baby~amore' said...

I try to be discreet too Paula , but hey if they have a problem - it is their problem.

I am not a lactivist either but a baby has the same rights to eat when he is hungry as anyone.

After all it is just a bit of skin and fatty flesh - though I draw at the line at public nudity for myself - I don't have a problem with those who chose to go 'nekkid'.As long as they are not perverts and flashing. We aren't doing anything sexual when we bare our breast to feed a baby so what is wrong with these people who have a problem.