Friday, May 18, 2007


oh how i love fridays...oh how i love fridaaaaaaaaaaaays..oh how i love fridays...because freedom is so close (to the tune of "oh how i love jesus"...of course)

of course im always in a state of freedom...bc ultimately i choose every step i make, every decision i take..on and on...etc etc...but the weekend is especially free and delicious..even when that freedom includes painting a house, going to lawrence for my kid's chiropractor appt, picking up a freecycle coffee pot, planting my vegetable garden, getting my dogs stiches taken out & maybe even getting the oil changed. sounds fun huh? it is actually bc im all about family...and that requires some maintenance. oh the joys of adulthood. sometimes i would rather be stubbing my toe on the sidewalk.

hopefully we can have another pool party with miss vivian and sarah again soon (pic)...although it has turned cool this week...luckily we were able to sneak it in while it was stil hot hot! those kids do have a good time together...even though they generally act smug and to poke each others eyes out.

grant is doing great. guess the daily dose of singulair is really helping his allergies stay at bay...and that is keeping the respiratory response at bay...which is GREAT..we sure dont miss Mr. Misty (nebulizer treatments).

Have a great weekend!