Tuesday, May 8, 2007

happy 10 month birthday grant!

seems like grant has a new personal joke everyday! something he just cracks up over....yesterday it was the old "high five, down low..too slow" omg..he LOVED it. i tell you this kid is mr personality. yes he knows who his mama is...and he has a bit of separation anxiety..but not much at all! he really warms up to people quick and gives them love and smiles and attention. its great to watch him make people feel good. i sure do love that little guy.

dave and i are working on preparing healthy snacks for our little muncher. he really enjoys picking up small pieces and aiming for his mouth. so far he has enjoyed kix (at daycare), peas , carrots, advocados & apples. in the works are sweet potatoes & a large variety of veggies & fruits cut into little pieces...some frozen...and some fresh...all easy to use on the go and after work. im excited to get this process streamlined. many times im caught at work with no snacks for him (other than breastmilk of course..thank god for that)

off to work...grant is thriving and happy..and so are his parents.

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