Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Dos

By the way....I DID NOT dye those eggs...it was SO totally someone else...seriously :)

Other things went swell.

Visited with Nana and Papa on Saturday

Created a magical land of flowers and eggs for the toddlers to hunt in (yes it looked like a bunny cemetary).

Grant totally ROCKED. He knew exactly what to do and did it well. It was hilarious.

Grant chilled with his cousins and learned to sissy fight (that should go over well at day care)

We had a wonderful visit..and although exhausting...it was great.


Mucho Mama said...

Did you guys stick plastic flowers into the ground?? I like it!
What else?

Jennifer Robin said...

Easter egg hunts are the best! Love te hidea with the flowers for the little ones.

Paula said...

Ya Stacey...pretty much just silk flowers, windmills, those little easter signs and anything else that was decorative...like garden pitchers and birdhouses.