Friday, March 7, 2008


Good Morning good people. Hope this fine Friday finds you chipper and kean. I want to just do a bit of Olive Juice housekeeping...a few odd and end things that need to be accounted for.

First I want to give a holla out to Eddy at Magpies Zone who created my new header. I found him in the entrecard shop...and for a mere 500 credits...he gave me a new header, banner and entrecard. What a steal. He was good enough to consult with me about what I wanted. I must admit at first I was not sure his male sporty testosteroney self would be able to pull off a feminine and whimsical design...but he did! Thanks Eddy for your time and talent.

Second I want give Bjorke a shout out for her recent dissident display in China of all places! After singing "Declare Independence" she screamed "Tibet! Tibet!". What courage. Tibet has been controlled by China for 48 years now and it is a crying shame. If you haven't seen the movie 7 Years in best go rent that now. Save Tibet.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone who has been commenting and for those entrecard folks who are dropping on me. I appreciate you coming by to visit and I hope that a bit of Olive Juice soaks into your thoughts as you go about your busy life. You guys ROCK. Its nice having so many people stop by these days.

"Why Nurse Beyond 12 Months" is a post I am polishing up right now and should be posted within a couple hours. So ya'll come back now.

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