Monday, March 3, 2008

Glue Ear?

at the surgery center - he really wants some milk here...the dr was already 25 minutes late!

Last night was quite bizarre....from setting my alarm for 4:15am (to make sure he had a belly full of milk before npo (nothing by mouth) set moving to the guest bed so I did not tempt him for more...setting the alarm again but this time for 5:40am to leave for outpatient...and then oh my the dreams were crazy! one time Grant was choking on a ball (thats relaxing)...another time we were at the surgery center and it was toy heaven and I was super happy because I had been concerned about not having the procedure at children's hospital. Between the controlled wakings and the uncontrolled is no surprise that today I am a bit lucid.

Let me just set the record straight...GRANT ROCKED. He is such a trooper. He makes me look like a quivering bag of you name it. Last night I offered him a snack before fill up that belly..and he ate like a hungry beast! It was awesome. I was like..who is this kid? How does he know?

This morning he did request milk many dozens of times...but each time we were able to distract him so he never ever started screaming and crying in agony. I admit...the last hour I was wearing down. I did remove myself a few times to maintain that distraction..but thank goodness I never had to leave for good. If the Dr had not been 30 minutes late...the stress would not have elevated to the level it eventually rose too.

The icing on the Grant cake..was when Grant voluntarily went with the nurses to surgery...he did not cry...he did not look back for me with pleading eyes...he did not rip my heart out thank you son. They even said that he laid on the bed and just accepted the mask like its not big thing. He is something else.

15 minutes later the Dr came out to the waiting room(the size of a cracker box but I wont bore you with the bitching) and told us Grant did great. He did have fluid in both ears and it was thick like snot. I asked if it was considered glue ear and she said yes but acted like that was not a word she uses often (maybe it is slang...I need to research glue ear better). She did not do a culture...which as of this writing I don't know exactly why. I guess she did not think it was infected with anything. As I was asking to go back to be by his side while he woke...the nurse came around the corner and I leaped up right in the middle of the Dr talking. Oh well. I ran back to him (no exaggeration). He was crying and tossing about in another nurse's arms. I immediately offered him the breast and he settled in for what he had wanted since 5:40am. Ahh the power of nursing! Such a perfectly suited relationship.

Within 20 minutes he was giggling and tapping his feet to "this little light of mine". Within 40 minutes we were in the car going home. Since then he has napped and been especially cute! The pics were taken today. You can tell by the super silly smiles that he is feeling pretty darn good!

I'm excited to have his ear all cleaned up. Hopefully with any luck...we can now have super clean ears on a regular basis with no unfortunate mishappenings. Im so glad that surgery part is over!


The Immoral Matriarch said...

He is just soooo cute!

baby~amore' said...

what a champion - he did so well.I worked in Children's ward so I know - Grant rocks.
I used to tear when looking at the mums having to leave and the kids waving when handing the kids over to theatre staff.

What a beautiful ♥ Boy he is - hope this fixes his ears good. I have hearing problems from glue ear.

My Little Drummer boys

Beth is wfg said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well! He is a very handsome boy!

MuchoMama said...

YAH! Little Bear is all better! What an adorable're so lucky, P!

Anonymous said...

I've been a regular reader of your Blog.I truly enjoy reading it.However,I'm wondering how long you plan to nurse?I mean isn't it time for a child this age to stop nursing?

Paula said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Anonymous: Im glad that you brought it up. I will address it in an upcoming post. btw...why anonymous?

Alexandra said...

I was anonymous cause sometimes I'm too lazy to sign in!