Saturday, March 29, 2008

LikeaBike VS Skuut

Grant will turn two July 7th. We are already brewing with ideas for his gift. If money was not a problem...the $300 LikeaBike would definitely be it. Oohhhhhhhhh.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Skutt....the $90 knock off still seems great although unfortunately they are built in China. Check out the videos on the Skuut website...looks like so much dang fun! Man...I sure do want him to have the likeabike...must save pennies.


I CANNOT wait to see him with one...he already gets all excited just seeing them on their websites. Anyone have experience with one of these...or even a different version?


Stacy Light Mygatt said...

have you been to
They have a Wooden training bike for $79.95
Not sure of the difference, but I just saw it in the catalog today!

Alison said...

They're called "balance bikes" here. My 3 year olds each had one and they're now riding a 'normal' bike quite well. They still jump on the BB every so often but it's my 2year old now who adores it.
They're fantastic. I'm sure it would bring you both many many hours of joy :)

Anonymous said...

We are having trouble communicating with Skuut regarding our balance bike orders. Emails are not returned, no one answers the phone and messages are not returned. At this point we are very frustrated with the company because we, as well as many of our customers, have been waiting months to receive our order. We are not accepting new orders until this is resolved, and those with current orders have the option to cancel by calling 614-218-4002. Please have your order number handy to expedite the process. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will do our best to keep our customers happy.

Joe said...

How did the balance bike work out for you? Which one did you get?