Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back Home

I am officially a Missourian again...whew! It feels great to be back...close to the woods, trails, caves, creeks and river bluffs that I remembered so fondly. Of course I have yet to enjoy any of that fun stuff. However, presently we do have one clean, stocked and fully functional potty room along with a 95% complete kitchen. I would say one more good day of unpacking/organizing etc and we might have our self a normal type home.

So today was a BIG BIG day in my little life. Not only did we actually sell our house (another whew) but I had that interview for the big fancy job. How crazy is it to have a super serious interview less than 48 hours after a move? CRAZY I tell you. I was furiously opening boxes this morning looking for make up, hair dryer, nail polish etc. It was FUN...not stressful at all! Fortunately it all came together and I looked pretty darn hott in my pin striped brown pant suit hehe. I did manage to pull it all together...including a few hours of intense preparation ( I am ALL about preparing for interviews...and think that it is the reason I typically get the job....or get darn close). Found out they had 81 applicants..and granted 5 I am already flattered. My gut however is telling me that I did not get the job...which is FINE BY ME. I was all ready to be a frugal stay at home mom (even if my 22 month old makes me want to jump off a tall building on a daily basis due to his screaming, hitting, kicking and overall uncivilized behaviour at times....yes I admit it...stop gasping). If they do call me back...then I will just be surprised and excited and probably go ahead and take it considering that I only offered to work part time. I will be happy either way.

Oh...our apartment is small (907 sq feet) but clean and quite. We have woods on one side and the playground is just across the street. Pictures to follow someday soon.

However my dear hubby wants to visit the lake this weekend ( I know...already? I don't even know where my underwear is yet) so my internet access may be abruptly ended just moments after being hooked up again. Oh the tease. Please stop by again Sunday for the photo journal.

Have a lovely fabulous and meaningful weekend. Hug the ones you love and a few you don't.


Eco Mama said...

Paula, you are the winner of the California Baby tote!! Please email me your shipping address. This will be drop shipped directly from Amazon.

Eco mama

Stacy said...

Cannot wait to see the pictures.

I'm the same way every time I go "home" to Columbia, or even to Thayer! I immediately relax once I hit the Mississippi River.

Everything will come together for you!! Best of luck!