Monday, May 19, 2008

Its a Miracle!

My husband's family pulled a Catholic trick on us! Those little devils. Turns out they buried Saint Joseph - saint of house sales - upside down in our front yard while we were out of town a couple months ago. Much to their delight, two weeks later our house was under contract. While they visited this past weekend....they came clean with us about their mischievousness...and dug up the poor fella as proof.

I found it to be endearing and hilarious. Driving 3 hours to bury a plastic figurine is commitment to the faith! Certainly a great family story... never to be forgotten. They however...really believe that the ritual was the reason we sold our house. I do agree that faith...projected is very powerful.

Our neighbors caught them in the act...while they were digging the grave many weeks ago...and like the good neighbors they are...asked them WTF they were doing. After learning the deed...they added to please pray for the new owners to have 2 boys to play with theirs. SOOOOOOOOOO...I know the new owner does have children....if I learn she has 2 boys around 9 and 11...I might be a believer!!!

It was funny watching them dig for 30 minutes to find the little thing!


Alison said...

Lol - That is a great story!
Hope the move goes smoothly :)

LizzyT said...

I will have to remember that if we go ahead and sell ours later this year. Good luck in your new home :)

List Mama said...

After reading your profile, it seems we may have taken the same path. I grew up in Kansas with religion pumping through my veins. Now I am in my 30s and, though I still have a deep interest in religion, is purely as an observer. Good luck in your move!


Colleen said...

Ooh ooh! Send him my way!!! (Is that all the crappy housing market needs?!?) :O)

Moppin said...