Monday, May 26, 2008

Ode of Thankfulness

I often find myself writing about life challenges...a form of therapy. I am sure you do to. Even though it does not make for the best blog topics....or I should say...enjoyable reading. Today, in the midst of a move, even as I sit here desk less with keyboard on knees and bottom on floor...I am grateful...oh so grateful for my life as it is.

I am thankful for:

  • songs that pop into my head (and out my mouth) from ions ago and bring with them a smorgasbord of memories and feelings

  • air conditioning

  • a mother who is also my best friend

  • a 22 month old son who is as sweet as he is fiesty

  • my mammary glands still producing and providing going into the second year (almost) and the benefits of the entire experience

  • a husband who has integrity, is kind, smart and giving

  • a career that I really love...I found my niche

  • my digital camera (thanks mom)

  • all the lessons that I learned the hard way

  • the ability to let my son make messes (its really hard for lots of peeps)

  • indoor plumbing...especially in winter

  • having experienced living in a small town...realization of a lifelong goal!

  • my teeth (and functioning body as a whole)

  • my family's health

  • having 4 sister-in-laws that are all super fabulous...and I love them

  • is right for us

  • the internet

  • having a church family in my new town! I found my liberal brothers and sisters :)!

  • enrolling Grant in dance class...starts July 8th! Cant wait to get the tap shoes in the mail.

  • lots and lots and lots of stuff

Ahhh...that feels ..............oh so nice. Sometimes...especially during a can get distracted and caught up in the drama of the whole experience. So being grounded and living in the moment is a very healthy blog topic for me! Try will like it ...too.

Tomorrow marks my last day at the first job I the best job I have ever had. Peace out Tongie.

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