Monday, May 5, 2008

Transition Knot

I'm having one of the those days where my stomach is in knots from transition. Its exciting and nerve wracking and titillating and horrendous.

I have officially resigned from the best job ever! Holy cats. When asked how he was handling the news, my boss said, " Don't give me a gun because first I would off her then myself". Sound harsh but he was really just being a weird dry humor way that is so him. But obviously...he is not happy about loosing me. He told the Board that he wanted to hire my clone. Isn't that sweet? It feels good to be missed....but bad to be leaving period. I got it good...oh so good...and I know it...and I am still giving it away for greener pastures (in the long term since).

This is also my post big event crash time. To event planners this is the period after the party where you just heave a sigh of relief and sit still but feel like you are still spinning from the energy whirlwind of it all. Its a good time to reflect on what went great and what could be improved but also a time to collect your sanity and start cleaning up the mess. I'm happy to say that the Summer Kick Off party last Saturday was a HUGE success! We ran out of food twice which was very much of a surprise. I would say at least 500 patrons were there. It was a great going out event. One of my many event its third years already. What an amazing experience indeed to give birth to an event and watch it grow over the years...just as you would a child. They grow in depth and girth hehe...and really start having a life of their own. Its beautiful.

So my stomach is in knots as I realize my dear old Dad's Alzheimer's is progressing faster than we had predicted....and I really need to get them to move even though the thought of moving after 35 years in the same house and a lifetime in the same city is making it hard for my mom to take action. Do you blame her? I just want to make sure they are taken care of before my mom gets sick from the exhaustion of the whole thing.

Transition is hard.....but anticipation is the often times under appreciated part of the journey.


nanjodogz said...

Transition is difficult -- it can be at the same time very hard and very exciting -- enjoy it as a new chapter in your book! Good luck to you.

crazy working mom said...

*sigh* I am having "the talk" with my boss on Friday to inform him that after the birth of baby #3 in August I will not be returning to work. I am not looking forward to it either.