Monday, March 5, 2007

caged bird

as i walked through the park with grant this afternoon.....i realized that indeed most of us spend the greater portion of our lives indoors. no wonder we get cabin fever. no wonder we ache for freedom. my office doesnt even have a window in it. and i cant even complain....i have a real office...not a cubicle.

fresh air is like manna from heaven. one thing i love about tongie is just that. the air tastes good smells good...and it is just good.

i told grant today that we are going to spend as many lunch hours as possible doing just that...savoring fresh air, dancing on the path in each others arms, singing silly songs, observing wildlife & feeling the grass on our toes. spring is a passion of mine...that im thrilled to be able to share with my son. oh the simple pleasures of motherhood.

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