Tuesday, March 20, 2007

when its good its great

long time no write. ive been busy with a sick kid and then weekend guests. oh the roller coaster of life...its never dull.

hard to believe its march 20th already! thats just rediculous. before you know it my birthday will be here! yae. im still dreaming up what adventures i would like to take to celebrate the big...oh my goodness...34! at least there is a 4 in it. gonna be a great year.

its true.....we are all just kids inside aging bodies. sure we mature to some degree...but overall...the child inside of us is still playing, still aching to get messy with finger paints and itchy from playing in the grass on a hott summers night. hey maybe thats what i should do on my birthday hehe.

grant is FABULOUS. he is sooooo delightful when he feels good. his most recent obsession is walking. he wants to hold onto your fingers and walk anywhere youll go. he is getting better at it. he doesnt step on his own feet as much. balance is still very wobbly...but i would say he is getting the hang of one foot in front of the other. it wouldnt suprise me if he walks instead of crawls...and ive actually been saying that forever...but now i really can see it happen. of course...thats still months away most likely. it takes a ton of coordination to do the tango. he gets all excited when he is good at it and even does the high step in honor of the occasion.

even though he is only 8 months old....12 month old clothes seem to fit the best. he can wear 6-9 months...but many are very tight...and im all about the comfort. he is thinning out some....not super chunky anymore...and i can see his face changing. he still has an inch to pinch...which is soo much fun..and i love to kiss him all over and squeeze his girth.

grandma bb and grandma lo came to visit this past weekend. it was such a lovely visit! grant started feeling good on saturday and showed them his charming personality which was much to his mothers relief. it may be rediculous...but i so want other peeps to see the baby that i know he is...the happy go lucky, funny, silly, entertaining and loveable grant...who feels good. unfortunately the little guy has had more than his fair shair of yucky feeling days...which will make anyone a grump. but the grandmas did get to see his sweet baby side..and we had FUN. we all walked in the grand tongie st pats parade! grant barely stayed awake for it...but did enjoy it i could tell because he didnt complain. by the last turn he let himself go to sleep. you can tell in the pic how sleepy he was hehe.

much love!

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Swanwood said...

I so look forward to your updates! Now I'm off to snag some Granto pics for our screensaver!