Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wheres Granto?

My son is in cognito as a grumpy old sailor...he swears and throws his toys ...just an angry young man...and i cant say that i blame him. he has been sick since last friday...almost a week now! started with vomiting and has become a TERRIBLE cough/congestion/achy/fever etc thingy. POOR LITTLE GUY. hoping that any minute now he comes back to mama...the smiles, the since of humor, the sweetness.

Grandma Bollinger visited last weekend...and she taught him how to patty cake! he puts his little hands together...and knows the work pattycake...its very fun. He had a great visit with to know her again real quick like. And even though he was sick...he maintained a decent composure for most of his visit. Grant is such a trooper like that.

I cant believe he is a week from being 8 months old!

The picture is from his first swimming experience..he LOVED it! cant wait to go back.

Im dazed and confused from the lack of sleep and this is all i got.

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Anonymous said...

I love spending as much time as I can with Grant during these precious fast growing months. It makes my heart swell with pride to know I taught him to Patty cake. I must say( as his grandmama) that he is very quick to learn. Next I want to teach him to wink. See you soon,Love Grandmama