Thursday, March 22, 2007

thursday ramblings

can it really be thursday already? its strange how time flies like never before! tonight we get to pack our bags so that friday at 4 we can hit the road! columbia here we come. there we will visit with friends Marissa & Matt and then on Saturday we meet up with family in Jefferson City. It is going to be a nice trip. Fingers crossed Grant deals with his car seat in a passive manor.

Grant behaved beautifully last night. I always get nervous when I have a board meeting. We have had "issues" in the past...issues that include dad calling me on my cell begging (or was that demanding) that i come home immediately..and that i was never to leave him alone with grant again! HEHE. But last night he took an amazing nap of 1.5 hours then i nursed him and said goodbye. Daddy fed him some berries and then they played together and all of a sudden mama was home! I was greeted with bright and big smiles and wiggling. AHHHHHHHHh it felt so good to be home with the fam. Off to the tub we went.

Grant is in good humor even though he still needs breathing treatments...2 -3 times a day. We are just trying to stay on top of it and not let it get out of control. When he stops coughing we will stop giving him the treatments. Most of the treatments are given while he happily snoozes away. Occasionaly he gets one while awake. He definitely knows the drill and isnt afraid anymore. As long as we have an Einstein video on he tolerates them pretty well...just pushing the mask away a few times...and if I give him a break ...he lets me put it back within a minute or so. Sweet little baby. Such a trooper!

It is sooooooo cute watching him spin in circles on his bumm. He certaily has it down pat! He uses his heals to spin..and he knows exactly how to go in the direction he wants. Its adorable to watch him play while spinning. He will get a long lock of pop blocks and drag them on the ground while he spins in a circle...all the while zerberting or making other silly sounds and then if he sees something reachable he will tap it with the blocks. I love watching him play. His favorite toy right now just might be the wagon though. Its like he is a mechanic or something.

Spring has sprung and I couldnt be more pleased! Next stop flowers and sweet breezes.
the pics were taken in my office. he loves standing alone ...such a treat for him.

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