Friday, March 30, 2007

Personal Jokes

One of my favorite things to share with grant is our personal jokes. When I find something that he thinks is hysterical...and then we just take turns laughing back and forth. To see him in a hard core belly laugh just lights up my world. He really loves to watch me laugh too.

ITs friday its friday. Im doing the friday dance. I still think a standard work week should only be 4 days long with a sweet 3 days weekend. That would be much more balanced.

Grant is trying to say DOG! That would basically be his first word..besides mama and dada. He is really into the old girls.

I watched Marie Antoinette last night...and this morning...and I REALLY enjoyed it. I would have to say its the perfect Paula movie. Only a split second of violence (and even it was only the aftermath), lots of gorgeous landscape and beauty along with opulent partying. I admit the film lacked on plot but thats exactly how i like them. I know im wierd. I just dont like for my movies to stress me out. I want to have fun. The ending was lack luster....but thats ok. I just keep thinking to myself...why didnt they just give the peasants some flour? What bastards.

Grandma Burkemper, Auntie Mary Rita and little Mary should be on their way. We are going to spend a warm and rainy weekend together. They should really get a kick outta little grant. He is such a character.

Happy weekend to ya! May you see many rainbows.

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