Thursday, March 29, 2007

hump day

This morning started off on a different foot, which is a nice change of pace. My piano student, Quinn, invited me to his school performance day, where he was to play a piece. I made it out the door by 8:30 and was in the pew by 8:45. He was a smashing success..and even pulled off the bow I had encouraged him to do. HOW ADORABLE. I was a very proud teacher…and it was sweet to see him happy to have me there..peeking over the crowd smiling.
Grant made his folks super proud last evening..when he pulled up for the first time! Mama and papa clapped and grant just squealed with glee. It was a fun moment. That little guy wants to walk so bad. We are going to find him walker this weekend.

Work is very very busy right now…we are working with a professional web designer to get our website up and running…I am presently gathering all the info that we want on there. We also have the directory deadline coming up in 2 weeks. SO im programming for summer…looking for instructors etc. If that wasnt enough, I am using a new company for sending out my online newsletters…so its been tricky learning how to use it and such.

Grant is super adorable and I am enjoying him to pieces. He has such a wonderful since of humor and we can really get to joking around. I am so in love. This has been an amazing experience that I cant imagine my life without now.

Grandma B and Aunti Mary Rita & little Mary are visiting this weekend! We are all excited and anticipating the fun we shall have.
Off to work. I barely had time to squeeze this in.

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