Friday, March 9, 2007

sleeping arrangements

so this is our life - refer to made me laugh outloud for a long while. feels good to be understood! that is SOOO me in the morning...and SOOO dave in the morning. its hilarious.

co sleeping is amazing, precious, special, delightful, challenging, painful, insane hehehe....but really...i do believe it fulfills a purpose and does create memorable moments of bliss...when you look down and see the moonlight (or nightlite hehe) dancing off your child's profile as they breathe deeply in peaceful, contentment or when he reaches out just to feel that im there and then nods right off. to feel his little feet on my tummy where he likes to keep feel his warm, milky breath on my chest.. and to see his big wide eyes in the morning right after he pats me awake. these truly are the memories i cherish.

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was sooooo funny. I only can relate with the comments you and Kim have told me about BF, but... it sure made me lol. Love u momma