Monday, June 18, 2007

busy busy

Saturday we busted our butts....between cleaning the house, grocery shopping & dave working 3 shifts of 3 hours was a full day. Sunday we celebrated good ole daddy with a big late breakfast, a professional foot massage, swimming at the lawrence pool, a fabulous lunch at zen zero and an impromptu shoe shopping event for the main man. daddy then umped the first ever coed kickball league here in tongie. it was a fun yet busy weekend...all too soon over with. most.

grant is still going in the potty first thing in the morning..other than that interest is limited. we are still celebrating though! grant talked for 10 mintues yes 10 minutes to his grandma bb on the phone was hilarious. he usually talks a bit...but he was really on a role im telling you what! we had to hang up before he was done. unfortunately he is really into holding the phone himself now...first time mommy mistake..but oh well....he loves it!

gotta keep this short cause im a working...but wanted to post the pics!

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