Monday, June 11, 2007

poop machine!

My little poop machine is a natural on the potty..or so it seems. We had much success this weekend. I definitely understand that its still just the beginning and although he did kinda take to it like a duck to water (a bit of an over exaggeration so what)... i will never force him or make it into a negative experience no matter how much i am into it !

soooooooooo...if your really interested in my son's potty details...and i know you are hehehe...first thing Saturday morning i plopped him on the potty...and VIOLA...he pooped! seriously...dave moved faster than ever before for so early in the am! it was hysterical. i was immediately hooked. he continued to poop on the potty 3 times total and one pee on Saturday. the really hysterical part came when i was distracted with helping dave flush his eye (something flew into it while he was mowing the lawn) so i left quickly...leaving the potty lid up...only to come back to OOPS...a clean dogs obviously had an unmentionable - dogs are disgusting!!!!!. so note to self....ALWAYS i repeat ALWAYS put the lid only takes a sec. Sunday we didn't have as much luck...but this morning once again...wake up and on the potty...and WOO HOOO a number one and a number 2! he even seemed content sitting there. of course i do stand by for support (literally and figuratively) and entertainment when needed..but all in all he was just hanging out on the john. we celebrated accordingly and mom is very excited about where all this will lead. one thing is for sure. he likes to poop on the getting him to go to it will be a whole nother ball game. presently i am just looking for clues and taking him there on a regular basis. when he fights it we just forget about it. he wont go then anyhoo.

Im working on a potty pic...he sure does look adorable sitting there...must be mommy brain once again. NO DOUBT!!!!

Have a great day and thanks for getting this must either a) be a mommy &/or b) be really bored &/or c) love us just that much :).
the plane pic was taken at the tampa airport. great kid play area...a life saver!!!

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