Thursday, June 28, 2007

the perfect rain

last night's evening stroll was extra special in that it was raining! not just any old rain...but the perfect that there was no wind, it was a light shower, no lightening & it was warm. i put the little fellow in his ergo back pack, grabbed my rainbow colored extra large umbrella..and off we wandered. i decided to cross evans road and deviate from our traditional loop in hopes of visiting with our friends good ole doc stevens, his dear wife betty & their miracle dogs (one was completely paralyzed last year this time and after extensive back surgeries, tlc & a lot of divine intervention (or luck you decide) he is fine now! the other is seriously old, blind and disoriented but still has a good quality of life).

we approached laughlin street in complete relaxation...the rain was therapeutic. even in our rain rhythm daze, i could immediately tell that we were in an older part of town because the trees are tremendous and drape a canopy of green overhead. it was quiet out except for the rain. docs house and grounds are special to me. the whole place just rings of lives well lived. they have been there for 50 years! the white picket fence is overgrown with vines and the little path leading to their open door flows under an arbor of the same. i was excited to see that their daughter lisa was visiting (could tell by the pro victis sticker - her son's band). we climbed the bold red steps and found the front door open. such a welcoming home.

i had hoped to share grant with them...but he had fallen asleep already! that rain lulled him to dreamland, so i just stood up the entirety of our visit so as not to disturb him. it was a lovely visit though! it was great to visit with lisa...i dont see her much now that she works out of town instead of across the street at the newspaper. Lisa is one of those people that just uplifts your spirit with her smile and amazing view on life. I also met her friend who was in visiting from california. Turns out they have been friends since they were 2 years old! WOW. and then of course their was doc stevens who is nearly 80 years old and still practising in town here. he greeted us warmly and then excused himself to the kitchen where he was listening to a radio show (in his cowboy hat of protect his eyes from the light). Dear mother Betty was laying on the couch...she was recovering from a wrist surgery from the day before! She is such an empowered woman and i always enjoy talking with much to learn.

I left with a full heart. Simple exchanges like this truly improve the quality of my life. Grant and i are very social beings. Yes, quiet time at home is delicious too...but an energy exchange with others can really boost morale. In the words of my art therapist, Audrey Klopper: "In these times of exponentially fast paced technology, we suffer from extreme isolation, neglecting and causing harm to ourselves and nature in the process." So reaching out, and visiting with good people, is truly rejuvenating! What a lovely way to cap off a day in the life of a 21st century mama.
btw..if you click on the X in the box with no shoudl take you to a video of grant swinging.

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Christina Joy said...

I love light rains! We went for a walk in it yesterday too, and I think people driving by thought we were crazy! Mcclellan couldn't sleep though. I think he was too fascinated by this tickly wet stuff that kept falling on his toes!