Sunday, June 3, 2007

half full

well we just got back from our big florida vacation last night around 9pm.......ahh it does feel good to be home...even if that means lots of dog hair, pounds of mail, umpteem loads of laundry & a stack of receipts that need to be accounted for...oh that sounds scary. anyhoo......the point is.. home is very comforting. grant was suprised to see the dogs again..and had to wake up fully to enjoy them even though he was beyond exhausted. i think he completely forgot about "home" until he saw it again..and then he was like..."oh ya....i like this place".

grant had a ton of firsts on the big penisula...including carousel ride, oceanic experience which includes playing in the sand (and eating some of course), first airplane ride, first man on stilts & amusement park, first walk on dad in the baby carrier and uh....first ambulance ride. ho hum.

so thats where the half full title comes in...bc if i wanted to be a downer and a pity me kinda person i could go on and on about the trials of this week...which were highlighted by a trip to not one but 2 yes 2 hospitals! long story short...grant got his hands on my mom's vicoden (she was cleaning out her pockets from our day at Busch gardens) and i rushed him to the hospital where they found him to be very very close to toxic levels of the Tylenol in the they insisted on transferring us to the pediatric hospital in st petersburg where we spent another 20 hours with our child on "hold" a.k.a. house arrest while they inspected our ability to parent. omg it was absolutely frightening from beginning to end. after we got over the fear of the pill....we became fearful of having our child taken away from us..and just overall feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. fortunately by the end of it they agreed it was just a mistake and we really werent trying to silence our son with drugs.......ack.........but dave and i feel violated from the experience even though we know they are just trying to protect children. even our nurse agreed that it did take WAY longer than it should have...we were just sitting in the hospital feeling claustrophobic from 2am to 5 was nuts. the blessing is grant is fine with no long term complications. our little birdy swallowed a few ounces of disgusting charcoal juice with no problem...he is quite the patient!

besides that and one family session of the jerry springer was really a great vacation. we had lots of fun in the son..and managed to not get seriously burnt. just having a week off work together with my 2 guys was a magical experience. i didnt pump once!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
oh and grant learned to sit up from a laying down position which has changed his life dramatically! now he feels the need to sit up during the night and crawl all over dave and i took our bed off the springs & frame today..we are down on the floor so he isnt in danger...kinda makes me feel young again.

happy june!!!!!

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