Friday, June 8, 2007

mama dork

so im getting all excited about going home and unwrapping our thrift shop yet brand new potty!!! so that officially makes me a mama dork. i was patient and waited till the thrift shop was open ( a mere 15 hours a week)..and i was rewarded greatly. they had a variety to choose from and i picked the one that is still in the box and converts to a toilet topper, a stand alone itty bitty potty & a staircase (for using the sink or even getting up to the big toilet). its pretty cool i must say hehe...and all that for a whopping $4! im thrilled. of course i also ended up leaving with a bike of some sort (with long handle for adult maneauvering) and a xylophone! you should have seen me walking down main street here with a baby in a stroller, a gigantic yellow trash bag (with potty & xylophone) & pulling behind me the bike! it was a sight to behold i am sure.

last night we let grant go bare bumm quite a bit...and he did notice when he peed (just once) so i rushed him to the toilet (which is GIGANTIC compared to the little guy) he thought it was funny of course. bc he has been in disposables for so long - getting him to understand what peeing is will be our first step...bc in disposables they dont really feel it. should be a fun and interesting weekend!

happy tidings!

(pic is from when grant was like 6 months)

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