Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a grant list

today was a decent to above decent day in the life of a wannabe sahm (stay at home mom), professional (at least in part), wife, daughter, neighbor& friend. thats awesome considering how shitty most of the world has it. like i used to say...if there isnt war on my street...things are good.

grant is amazing. he is a high maintenance kinda kid i will admit...but so worth it. his Independence testing is in overdrive...seems like overnight...and boundaries are especially important...before he becomes the chief. here is a list of grant attributes:

  • walking - more than crawling

  • can stand up anywhere without help, squat to pick up toy, up again and walking with toy

  • peek a boo with his hands over his own eyes (instead of behind something etc)

  • refuses to eat pureed foods (dont blame him...we were spoiled for too long...its sooo convenient!) and actually refuses to eat all kinds of foods now. i think he is just enjoying the control of pursed lips....and sadi is very happy to have his over boards

  • bites!!!!!! i cant believe this is my kid. he bites out of frustration and to say i love you...hasnt bit anyone but me thank goodness...and im working hard at nipping this in the bud...but its HARD. ugh

  • has 4 teeth....2 up and 2 down

  • has been teething constantly it seems since he was 2 months old

  • is back on singulair bc the control study went sour as his allergies were kicking in and we didnt want to be back on nebulizer treatments anytime soon

  • potties on the toilet a minimum of once per day

  • loves swimming, playing ball, cleaning the house with the swiffer or broom & electrical outlets! ugh

  • is obsessed with the lawn mower - and neal (day care grandma) said he spent about 20 minutes watching pa pa mowing the lawn through the window today!

  • loves etch a sketch

  • puts his play phone on his shoulder and has conversations

  • dances sooooo soooo cute! he really has a shimmy...its a drop knee swivel hehe

  • recognizes his home...and shows his excitement upon pulling in the driveway. today he even exclaimed "DAD" - anticipating their reunion

  • hates being bathed - loves bath time play

  • doesnt appreciate being diapered and voices his objection

thats whats on my mind right now. overall he is a very curious, intelligent, charming, social & silly almost 1 year old. he challenges me in ways i never knew existed and i am a better person for knowing him.

had a wonderful visit with my mother this past weekend...we stayed at home for the most part which made for relaxation. also threw in a t-bones baseball game which grant loved, just a bit of shopping and sushi...which my mom detested.

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Swanwood said...

Uh oh, no sushi for your mama? I can understand where she's coming from! Grant's hair is so long and getting so light!

And guess what...I'm no longer a SAHM, but a WAHM! I got that work for Google at home job that I think I told you about! Yay!