Friday, June 22, 2007

onederful plans

thank you grant for being excited to go to day care everyday this week! mama has such better days when she knows you are having fun. daddy and i sing the "this is the way we go to school" song and by verse 2 he is thrashing about in joy and leaning in for dad to whisk him away. many times he even squeals with delight. ahhhh...that makes it SOO much easier. life is much sweeter and more simple when i dont obsess about changing things...especially my working situation. being a stay at home mom is on my to do list...but how many on that list never get done? many actually. so yes i will keep in mind and work towards that goal...but not obsessing over it and burdening myself with guilt will improve my quality of life which by osmosis (or something similar) improves grant's. first thing on the agenda: find dave a fabulous job :) (oh and as a disclaimer...i know on a previous post i stated that i could never be a sahm bc i need my own money....well somethings are worth sacrificing...and children & sacrifice go hand in i will indeed continue to bring in money from other ventures...just not nearly as much most likely).

AND after many months of deliberating...I finally made birthday party plans...and in typical form it was done impulsively. POOL PARTY commence! Dave and I reserved the fabulous hehe tonganoxie city pool on July 6 (not available july 7) from 7 - 9PM! Found out wednesday that his godparents are coming thats a nice bit of family (including grandmas) coming in..and i know they love to swim...and grant is a little fish it just made since. I promised dave i wouldnt spend on decorations (much)..just a cake and the pool (and maybe some games). Im really quite excited. would have been better on saturday...but what can you do? and since i was in that pool exactly a year ago on 7/6 for 2 really is perfect! im telling you...having your baby turn 1 is just surreal...and sad....and lovely...and scary...and delightful...and inevitable. Of course all grant fans and friends are invited to come too. See you there :)

Grant is still going on the big pot first thing in the morning. In fact it truly is the big pot....I no longer offer the itty bitty potty...just cant get used to cleaning gags me for some stupid reason. I thought at first he might be intimidated or confused with the man size toilet...but no! with little donut inserted for his tiny behind...he is happy as a clam...and just potties away! this has been going on for over 2 weeks now! 2 weeks of morning toilet pottying! he really knows what he doing too...bc he tries. however...he isnt so willing at other times... and im still shopping around for training pants..will be nice to have those for at home he can feel the immediate consequence of going off the pot.

my mother is on her way to see us! she just couldnt wait till his birthday in 2 weeks. we are so excited to see her. last time she saw grant was in Florida...and that was 21 days ago...whoa. 3 weeks is about as long as we like to go without visiting. on the agenda....dave and i trying to finish up the house with painting windows, cleaning all windows in side and out including storm windows, putting the storm windows back up and shutters and touch ups then ITS DONE. talk about a huge project!!!! we also need to buy outdoor light glad to get rid of the $1.99 ones that the house came with . those just irritated me they were so ugly.

take care of yourself and best wishes for a fantastic weekend!
(pics are: grant playing with the swiffer for about 30 minutes in complete joy..and really thinking he was cleaning like mommie..too cute! and grant standing independently in training pants (one pair borrowed from friend) in his playroom

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